Back from my Week Off

Whether any of you noticed that I’m gone is another question. Those of you who I’m friends with on facebook know that my computer died a week ago today. Yesterday afternoon, I was finally able to replace it. I’ve switched from HP to Toshiba and from AMD to Intel. I suppose I’m satisfied with the purchase, at least I would be if I was still so annoyed by a motherboard failing after only a year of use (HP had already replaced the motherboard while under warranty back in February 2009.

Its been a frustrating week. My work on my paper as well as other paid projects have come to a standstill and I’m currently working on getting them back up and running today. I hope that I’ll be able to get the majority of my paper completed during this coming week.

Anyway, I’m back. You should be hearing from me a little more now that I have a working computer once again.

PS – if anyone wants to donate to the “Help Mike pay for this computer” fund, let me know – or perhaps pretend its a birthday present, mine is coming up.