BibleTech:2010 in Review – Language Learning

I hope to write a couple posts this week about some of my favorite presentations at BibleTech. My own when rather well, I think — at least I liked it.

I initially had too much material ahead of time and spent last week trying to cut down to about 35 minutes so that there would be 10 minutes for questions. I ended up hitting an early 29 minutes according to my ipod, which actually worked out well because I then had time to chat and check out of my hotel room before noon.

One of my favorite presentations, was James Tauber’s critical discussion of the problems of frequency based language learning and vocabulary acquisition, which was then followed by an excellent proposal to alleviate the problem. I thought it was a nice middle ground between contemporary language learning methodology (which we’ll quite loosely term communicative) and the inadequate and traditional translation/gloss approach. In many ways, it builds on his presentation from 2008 at BibleTech.

A New Kind of Graded Reader from James Tauber on Vimeo.

I wish I could get Vimeo to embed on wordpress.

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