March/April was busy

I’ve been away from this blog for a while now.

I apologize for that, but I thought I might give an updated as to where I’ve been:

  • I submitted an article for publication
  • I’ve begun updating my thoughts on the cause of phrasal discontinuity (hyperbaton) in Greek into something more nuanced than Devine and Stephens’ Discontinuous Syntax: Hyperbaton in Greek, which I’ve written about extensively (accessible at my Noun Phrases Page).
  • I’ve been formalizing my notes on clitic pronouns in to a coherent account that takes account of typological evidence for second position. I’ll just say that what I’ve come up with is awesome.
  • I quit my job and I’m moving back to doing linguistic contract work–that’s going to be fun, especially since I’ll be working right beside my brilliant wife.
  • I began studied Hebrew–well, that began last summer, but its continued and has taken up a good bit of time. However, this is still a Greek linguistics blog, FYI.

There’s some good stuff in the pipes, so stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “March/April was busy

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    1. I used primarily Kittel, Hoffer & Wright’s Biblical Hebrew, but I’m currently working through Randal Buth’s Living Biblical Hebrew books and reading Christo Van Der Merwe’s A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar on the side.

  1. Mike,

    What’s the name of the article and what is it about?

    What were you doing for work?

    What resource have you found most helpful for your Hebrew study so far?

    1. The article is about middle voice.

      I’ve been working for Logos Bible Software.

      Well, I use Christo Van der Merwe’s Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar heavily and Randal Buth’s Living Biblical Hebrew materials. Beyond that, just the standard reference resources: HALOT, BDB, etc.

    1. I’ve written up some of my notes on the SBL deponency discussion into an sort of response article and I’m hoping it will appear in the published volume of the presented papers. I e-mailed the Greek Language and Linguistics section heads and they said they were interested in it. If that falls through, I’ll probably submit it to JBL (since it was an SBL session).

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