March/April was busy

I’ve been away from this blog for a while now.

I apologize for that, but I thought I might give an updated as to where I’ve been:

  • I submitted an article for publication
  • I’ve begun updating my thoughts on the cause of phrasal discontinuity (hyperbaton) in Greek into something more nuanced than Devine and Stephens’ Discontinuous Syntax: Hyperbaton in Greek, which I’ve written about extensively (accessible at my Noun Phrases Page).
  • I’ve been formalizing my notes on clitic pronouns in to a coherent account that takes account of typological evidence for second position. I’ll just say that what I’ve come up with is awesome.
  • I quit my job and I’m moving back to doing linguistic contract work–that’s going to be fun, especially since I’ll be working right beside my brilliant wife.
  • I began studied Hebrew–well, that began last summer, but its continued and has taken up a good bit of time. However, this is still a Greek linguistics blog, FYI.

There’s some good stuff in the pipes, so stay tuned.