SBL Greek Language and Linguistics Website Annoucement E-mail

Randall Tan has given me permission to post the announcement e-mail:

Dear members of the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics e-mail distribution list:

An informational website has been set up for the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics (BGL&L) section. The address is: Right now the site contains mainly information that can be hunted down from the SBL website. However, this information is organized around & focused solely on the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics section, including past session information (from 2004 to 2010), future session information (mainly program information for 2011), and preliminary abstracts for the 2011 sessions. We plan to post occasional updates and announcements on this site.

To gain immediate access to session info for the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics section for 2011, please see Note also that SBL has already made the entire preliminary SBL online program book live at

Starting with 2011, we are strongly encouraging all presenters to make available on our website any content from their presentations at BGL&L sessions that they are willing to make public for distribution. This information can be submitted both before & after presentation at SBL. This content can be extended abstracts/summaries (beyond what has previously been submitted to the SBL program book), handouts, PowerPoint presentations, links to online content from presenters’ own websites/blogs, etc., up to & including full papers. If a version of a past presentation becomes published, we would also accept & post relevant bibliographic information. (If you wish to gain access to papers from previous years, we encourage you to contact past presenters directly. The information on BGL&L sessions from past SBL meetings should facilitate this—after locating the presenter’s name from this page, all you would need to do is to look up his or her e-mail contact information from the SBL member directory –Note: SBL membership & log in is required to access the SBL member directory.)

Thank you.


Randall Tan, Ph.D.
Cynthia Westfall, Ph.D.
Co-chairs of the Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics section, SBL