SBL Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics

Randall Tan has just announced by e-mail that the website for the SBL Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics (BGL&L) section is up and running. Currently, it has paper abstracts for the coming annual meeting as well and a listing of future meetings.

It looks like they hope to also provide online access to presented papers from SBL.

You can peruse the site here:


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  1. Thank you for informing people who follow your excellent blog about this new site. Sorry that the post was intentionally vague about what is to come. We are hoping that in the future (starting with the 2011 presentations) many presenters will provide more content for the informational site both before & after their presentation at SBL. However, this is outside our control, unless we decide to require this (which we have not done). The recommendation (shared with both presenters & the public alike) is as follows: “Starting with 2011, we are strongly encouraging all presenters to make available on our website any content from their presentations at BGL&L sessions that they are willing to make public for distribution. This information can be submitted both before & after presentation at SBL. This content can be extended abstracts/summaries (beyond what has previously been submitted to the SBL program book), handouts, PowerPoint presentations, links to online content from presenters’ own websites/blogs, etc., up to & including full papers. If a version of a past presentation becomes published, we would also accept & post relevant bibliographic information.” The goal of this new recommendation is to promote greater scholarly interaction with & access to the work presented at the sessions of the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics section of SBL.

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