Verb Conference GoFundMe Update

We passed the $500 mark last week. The response and kindness expressed by everyone has been pretty incredible. Some gifts have come in independently of GoFundMe and, as a result, I have reduced the total goal again to $2100.  That means Rachel and I are 1/4th of the way there. In conjunction with what we are receiving in ‘official’ conference funding, we have enough funds to cover 2/3’s our plane tickets.

Because of that, we’ve moving forward on buying our tickets with the hope that we will be able to find a way to cover our room & board costs for the time we’re there. The flights are the big ones though and we want to talk all of you for your incredible generosity.

With passing the $500 mark, I have two book reviews to write. The very first contributor has not yet decided what he wants me to review (he promises me that it’s coming soon!), but for the $500 mark, I will be reviewing:

Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament: Studies in Tools, Methods, and Practice by Stanley Porter

That review will appear in Mid-June.

If we are able to reach the $750 mark, someone will have the opportunity to request another book for me to review.

Again, thank you, everyone, for all your kindness and support. Thanks for helping get us to Cambridge to present our research!

Cambridge Greek Verb Conference GoFundMe Campaign