Muraoka’s LXX Grammar is Available

Muraoka’s new grammar of the Septuagint is finally available on Amazon.

A Syntax of Septuagint Greek by Takamitsu Muraoka

It’s been available directly from Peeters for a couple months now, but now if you’re in the US, there’s an easier way of ordering it. The grammar isn’t listed on Eisenbrauns’ website at all yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

Update: Eisenbrauns won’t be carrying it, but Peeter’s North American Distributor has it for a more ethical alternative to Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Muraoka’s LXX Grammar is Available

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  1. It’s curious that the blurb at Amazon appears to describe a different book altogether, one about how to translate Vladimir Nabokov.

    1. Huh. That’s funny.

      I only noticed that it was there because I have it on my Amazon wishlist. I had actually pre-ordered it from Amazon, but they canceled my order after a delayed release. I don’t know when I’ll be able to budget for a copy.

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