Bryn Mawr Classical Review: Brill’s Greek-English Lexicon

Panagiotis Filos has written a review of The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek that was published a couple weeks ago. It’s worth taking the time to read.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2018.03.46  (Review of the Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek)

Filos is far more positive about the lexicon than John Lee was. But given that Lee has been working for decades to improve Greek lexicography, his desires about what should happen in a new lexicon vs. the expectations a user of lexicons exist on fundamentally different levels.

Filo finishes his review saying:

In conclusion, the new Brill Greek dictionary is a most welcome addition to the current lexicographic store for Ancient Greek and is set to become a primary resource for the study of Ancient Greek, especially as regards non-literary texts and post-classical authors. It goes without saying, though, that other dictionaries, especially LSJ will continue to be of importance, as far as words of literary origin are concerned in particular.