Free Copy of Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis

The caveat is that it’s a digital copy, but still.

I had the pleasure of contributing to a few chapters in Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis (Amazon) in the Lexham Method series. I’ve highlighted a some of my favorite bits in previous posts here, particularly this one: The historical context of theological lexicons and James Barr.

Recently Logos Bible Software released the Logos 8 version of their Academic Basic package, which is free, and they’ve include the book in it. So if you’re interested in reading my discussions of the state of Greek linguistics, but haven’t been interested in spending $20, you don’t need to.

Of course, the print version has page numbers and you can, well, hold it in your hand. Some of us still care about such things.

Free Logos Academic Basic.

Additionally, the Lexham English Septuagint is also included for free, as well, which I also contributed to as an editor and translator.