New series on Wittgenstein in March

Image from the Wikipedia page for the Rabbit-Duck Illusion

Can you imagine how much more complicated it could have been for Elmer Fudd watching Bugs and Daffy’s debate over whether it was rabbit season or duck season?

One of our new contributors, Andrew Keenan is going to be publishing a multipart series of blog posts examining the relevance of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s through for Greek linguistics, lexicography, and exegesis. Hopefully, we will have the first part ready to go early next week.

Stay tuned!

Andrew Keenan is a Library Assistant and Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA. He is a recent graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he earned his M.A. in Old Testament and Biblical Languages. His research interests include Greek lexicography, linguistics, and Septuagint.