More on Torture

In my previous post, John Hobbins helpfully pointed to an old post where the subject was discussed. David Luban of the Georgetown University Law Center, in the article I linked to previously, discussed what he terms the "classic paper on torture" by Henry Shue from 1978. Shue essentially held Hobbin's view that there is a... Continue Reading →

Morality, Torture, and Jack Bauer

I don't have a television. I don't watch TV. So I only recently learned of the TV show 24, where hero Jack Bauer saves America on a weekly basis from terrorists. It was actually in a blog conversation that I won't link to. Now, I know that such discussions are not typically the subject on... Continue Reading →

Paid Pastors and 3 John

I suppose I should say, ministers or those who do God's ministry...but "Paid Pastors" sounds better. That is to say, I think book applies to all of God's workers/ministers This post is a bit of a response to Alan Knox over at the The Assembling of the Church. Well, its only part response. I say... Continue Reading →

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