Translating Metaphor: He just snapped for no reason!

Metaphor and analogy drive much (all) of semantic change. The text is from 4 Macc 2:2-3 2 ταύτῃ γοῦν ὁ σώφρων Ιωσηφ ἐπαινεῖται, ὅτι διανοίᾳ περιεκράτησεν τῆς ἡδυπαθείας. 3 νέος γὰρ ὢν καὶ ἀκμάζων πρὸς συνουσιασμὸν ἠκύρωσε τῷ λογισμῷ τὸν τῶν παθῶν οἶστρον. I was reading 4 Maccabees in Greek this evening and was reminded... Continue Reading →

Major Interpretive Issues in 1 Timothy 2:12

Dan Wallace has posted a very short essay that simply surveys the major interpretive landscape of 1 Timothy 2:12. He doesn't give much in terms of conclusions about what his view is. In general that's very helpful considering that most discussions of this verse are so emotionally charged toward one perspective that it can be... Continue Reading →

Poll on Translation & Hermeneutics

For sometime, I've been an advocate for people who do not know the original languages (& probably never will) to learn how to meaningfully look at and compare differences of translation, paragraphing, & formatting in using multiple translations rather than simply using a "literal" translation. But it has been only recently that I've realized that... Continue Reading →

Rules of Engagement

The Gender Blog has written a post on some "rules of engagement" that they think every Christian should follow: If I find something with which I cannot agree, I am wrong. If I find something which I cannot understand, I am wrong to judge it on that account. Here Lyons gives an unforgettable quote from... Continue Reading →

Scripture & Law: Hermeneutics

Few know that my brother blogs, mainly because he doesn't blog often and doesn't participate in this very strange community that is the blogosphere. His recent post on hermeneutics in Biblical Interpretation and law interpretation is definitely worth reading: Hermeneutics: Cross Streets for Law & Theology

Quote of the Day

God an author! – The inspiration of this Book is as much a grand humiliation and condescension of God as was the act of creation by the Father and the incarnation of the Son. Owing to this fact, humility of heart is the single dispositional condition inherent to rightly reading the Bible and is the... Continue Reading →

The Plain Sense of Scripture

Reading John Hobbin's recent post and the post at Compligalitarian, I must say that I don't care for "plain sense" arguments. Appeals to the plain sense of scripture tend to either ignore or deny that what was the plain sense of a text for the original audience is not necessarily applicable to us today. Appeals... Continue Reading →

Linguistic Satire & Biblical Studies

The Speculative Grammarian is probably my favorite linguistic journal in existence. In their most recent issue, they have a delightful article that can and should be applied to not only linguistics, but also to Biblical scholars and theologians or [Insert Discipline HERE] as well. 'The Symptoms and Warning Signs of Framework Psychosis' By Dr. Pill,... Continue Reading →

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