Looking toward the future of our grammar writing endeavors, we would like to get a better grasp of where the state of knowledge for the average Greek student/scholar. You can help us. If we can get good results, we'll put together a few more polls that deal with more specific issues. Your participation will help... Continue Reading →

Poll: How Well Do You Understand Aspect

For some time I've been rather surprised by how many people struggle to understand exactly what Aspect is. Granted it took me looking at Aspect in three different languages before it really clicked, but it seems so obvious now, after the fact. Part of me wonders if they emphasis on Aspect with relation to discourse... Continue Reading →

Poll on Translation & Hermeneutics

For sometime, I've been an advocate for people who do not know the original languages (& probably never will) to learn how to meaningfully look at and compare differences of translation, paragraphing, & formatting in using multiple translations rather than simply using a "literal" translation. But it has been only recently that I've realized that... Continue Reading →

Poll: What is the Demand for Fanning?

Oxford University Press is apprehensive about publishing a paperback version of Fanning's monograph Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek [Oxford Theological Monographs] because it was so expensive to produce initially and the demand hasn't appeared to be very high. Now I know that there are a number of other readers of my blog who are... Continue Reading →

Book Review Poll

I've finished two books that I plan on writing reviews for: Grammatical and Exegetical Study of New Testament Verbs of Transference: A Case Frame Guide to Interpretation and Translation (Library of New Testament Studies) by Paul Danove Articular Infinitives in the Greek of the New Testament: On the Exegetical Benefit of Grammatical Precision (New Testament... Continue Reading →

Reading Vs. Analysis Question

I'm sure many of your remember my poll a while back asking whether you placed a higher priority on reading or analysis. If you haven't voted on it, I'd encourage you to do so. I'm interested in your view. But now I have a follow up question that requires more than clicking a button: Why... Continue Reading →

Poll – What do you read?

Do you read/analyze beyond the New Testament? Where do you read? Just so you know, most of the answers build on the previous ones except a couple. Be sure to read relatively carefully. And if you're a relatively new student who hasn't had much opportunity to go beyond the NT, don't be shy, go a... Continue Reading →

One More Greek Poll

This poll, of course, assumes that you have to choose between the two. There's no both, so don't say both in the comments. If you absolutely had to choose, what would you say?

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