Poll: What is the Demand for Fanning?

Oxford University Press is apprehensive about publishing a paperback version of Fanning’s monograph Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek [Oxford Theological Monographs] because it was so expensive to produce initially and the demand hasn’t appeared to be very high.

Now I know that there are a number of other readers of my blog who are interested in Fanning’s book and I know that many of you have also expressed your regret about it’s price.

But I would appreciate it if you would be willing to vote in a poll saying whether you would be interested in purchasing Fanning’s book if it provided as a lower priced paperback edition rather than a $240 hardcover (paperback prints of Oxford Theological Monographs appear to be retail priced between $45 & $60), which is still somewhat high, but definitely, definitely more accessible for the average Joe – and I’m sure this is a book that the average Joe would love to have! 😉

And please, if you voted, “YES” and mean it,  spread the word about this poll! I would like to get a significant number of votes & send the results to Oxford if possible. But I would need a good number of voters before I did that.