Speaking of Books & Prepositions

Since I mentioned Greek prepositions in the last post, I just thought I’d also point all of you to a new book on prepositions being published by Oxford this coming winter/spring:

Greek Prepositions: From Antiquity to the Present by Pietro Bortone

Be sure to keep an eye out for it. I’m going to attempt requesting a review copy, though I’m not sure about it. I don’t know what Oxford’s view of blog reviews is.

Another book, slightly older, that will hopefully be finally available unabridged from Logos is Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, which I’ve been wanting to see in Logos for a while. And at $25 for the prepub, it’s not a bad price (cheaper than Accordance’s version). It’ll make comparing lexical entries easier with one less lexicon to pull off the shelf – yes, I have a print copy of it already, a gift from my grandfather. It’s a beautiful 1889 edition in great condition.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Books & Prepositions

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  1. Thayer’s is readily accessible online. I’ve never thought it was worth having in a personal library. But, chacun à son goût.

    1. my copy was free.

      In terms of online, all but one of the versions I found were abridged “definitions only” versions, which is less than helpful. The only complete version I saw was in Google Books, which was usable, but not exactly amazing.

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