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I’ve finished two books that I plan on writing reviews for:

Grammatical and Exegetical Study of New Testament Verbs of Transference: A Case Frame Guide to Interpretation and Translation (Library of New Testament Studies) by Paul Danove

Articular Infinitives in the Greek of the New Testament: On the Exegetical Benefit of Grammatical Precision (New Testament Monographs) by Denny Burk

But I cannot decide which I should review first. The two books are very different animals in terms of method & focus – much of which can be recognized from the titles. But there is a significant relationship between them in that Burk makes some incredibly critical comments about Case Grammar, the linguistic framework that eventually morphed into Construction Grammar which Danove uses in this most recent book.

So what do you think:

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  1. I shall be interested in what you have to say about either or both books. I did read Danove’s case-frame study of Mark and was impressed but at the same time thought that he falsely assumed the stylistic uniformity of a text that (a) is almost surely a composite of elements deriving from more than one source, and (b) seems much too small a corpus on the basis of which to offer definitive statements about verb usage.

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