Poll – What do you read?

Do you read/analyze beyond the New Testament?

Where do you read?

Just so you know, most of the answers build on the previous ones except a couple. Be sure to read relatively carefully.

And if you’re a relatively new student who hasn’t had much opportunity to go beyond the NT, don’t be shy, go a head a vote anyway.

If you voted for any of the answers with “Koine texts,” I’d love it if you left a comment and said which ones.

10 thoughts on “Poll – What do you read?

Add yours

  1. I voted: NT, LXX, AF, Koine texts, Patristics

    The other Koine texts (i.e. Hellenistic period texts) I read/have read are:

    Josephus, Philo, Epictetus, Greek Pseudepigrapha and a little Strabo.

  2. I try to read NT, LXX, and Apostolic Fathers so I voted that one. Occasionally I’ll delve into some patristic bits and pieces from PG. I have all of Athanasius and the Cappadocians’ stuff downloaded.

    1. Now that I think about it, I try to muddle through some pseudepigrapha as well (e.g., 1Enoch; Ezekiel the Tragedian) and some Philo too. But I don’t do any extended reading in any of them. It’s more checking Greek against English in certain places.

  3. I voted: NT, LXX, AF, Koine texts, Patristics, but I haven’t read any koine texts. There just wasn’t an option with patristics, AF but no koine texts :P. I’ve looked into reading Josephus as I’m interested in historical judaism, but never got around to it. Maybe when my Greek is better – I’ve used readers to help me with AF and patristics.

  4. I voted NT, LXX, AF, Koine, and Classical, but I feel like I’m cheating. My “classical” text is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Lots of fun!

  5. I voted the patristics option, but I also read Classical texts. In fact, after having read Sophocles’ Antigone, Homer, and Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius in the last year, neither the NT nor the Fathers seem as difficult.

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