B-Greek back online

A few months ago, I wrote that the B-Greek forum for discussing Biblical and related post-classical Greek was offline after some troubles with updating the forum software in the post: B-Greek’s Online Status.

I’m please to be able to announce now that the forum is back and discussions about Greek grammar and texts have continuing again. I especially appreciate Matthew Longhorn‘s ongoing efforts to keep us up-to-date about new and forthcoming publications in Greek grammar, something that I deeply value and have often tried to track here at Koine-Greek.com, but with less dedication. Similarly Barry Hofstetter and Ken M. Penner‘s contributions are a pleasure to read again. I hope that we’ll see more of the regulars return in the near future.

Many thanks to Jonathan Robie and all the effort he invests in both hosting the site and especially for all of his work to get the forums back up and running.

B-Greek: The Biblical Greek Forum