B-Greek’s Online Status

Those of you who frequent this site, Koine-Greek.com, might also occasionally also peruse the B-Greek forums as well. B-Greek is an excellent forum for discussion with a number of incredibly thoughtful contributors.

Sadly, following an update of the forum software, the site has been down for the past month or so.

Jonathan Robie sent out the following e-mail a couple weeks ago. B-Greek isn’t gone, but it is taking longer than he expected to get it up and running again. B-Greek will be back.

BGreek is still down.

The good news:  we have the data. Worst-case scenario, we may lose posts for the weeks since Christmas or so.

The bad news: this is taking much longer than we had expected. phpBB3 has been very stable for us.  We started having problems when we did the latest update.

Please be patient, at this rate it may take a few weeks to figure this out.


Thanks, The Management