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Σκύβαλον in agricultural contexts

This piece picks up from Obscenity in Paul? The Question of σκύβαλον, examining how the word σκύβαλον is used in agricultural contexts. Philo, particular, is rich in such examples and makes for fruitful discussion. I'm using the digital edition of Philo, with the Loeb Greek text in Logos Bible Software. The translations are my own and not... Continue Reading →

Obscenity in Paul? The Question of σκύβαλον

Is there profanity in Paul? It's sort of an old question. There's a certain appeal to the idea for some perhaps and the fact that σκύβαλον can be glossed 'dung' or 'manure' likely encourages the possibility to extend its English rendering a little further.

Brill's Etymological Dictionary of Greek by Robert Beekes has been sitting quietly on prepublication page at Logos.com for about two and a half years now. It languished for some time, particularly because it was priced, as all Brill books are, exorbitantly high. That seems to have changed recently. It's now on pre-order for $104. rather... Continue Reading →

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