Followup: Linguistics Reading Group Planning

The response to my proposal for a linguistics reading group last month went way beyond my expectations. Clearly, there’s a significant amount of interest here that speaks to a deep underlying need and desire for a better understanding of linguistics from the biblical language and Ancient Greek community. So far I have received nearly 60 responses from people interested in participating. I had anticipated there might be 20 to 25 people who might be interested with two sessions of 10-12. The much larger number of people here means that it grew impossible for me to reply to everyone before Christmas and I am only now getting time and space in my schedule to move forward with this. Spending time with family took priority.

Additionally, I’ll be traveling next week, so it will likely another week or so before you hear back from me directly if you have not already. Because of these interruptions, I decided I should say something publicly here so that everyone knows that we are still working to make this happen.

Because some many people expressed interest, we’ll likely do at least three groups over the course of the year. That way we can keep individual groups under 20 people. I’ll try to prioritize things by time zones, too, as much as that’s possible. I’ll be setting up a survey form that everyone can share preferences with me for (1) time of day, (2) preferred session in the year, and (3) degree of flexibility. And that last one is going to be important.

The book contains a total of nine chapter, so if we do the introduction and the chapter on morphology together, we can do one chapter a week for a total of eight weeks.

You can read the original announcement of the reading group here: Linguistics reading group.