There’s a new Blog out there

Bryon (with an O) S. for his first “real” post has given an excellent discussion of textual criticism and the TNIV.

Do we have an angry Jesus?

Bart Ehrman, Mark 1:41 and the TNIV

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more like this coming from his blog.

And guys, its a wordpress blog, so your life is easier too.

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  1. Hope he won’t mind that I repost it here (or will email you to delete this comment of mine if he does). Seems crawled over the post and left these:

    Mark 1:41 & the REB: Part 3 2008/ 05/ 16/ mark-141-part-3/

    Mark 1:41 & the REB: Part 3 2008/ 05/ 16/ mark-141-part-3/

    This is post #3 on Mark 1:41 and ties in with two prior posts. The first one is here, the second one is here. It has been suggested to me that the TNIV’s used of “indignation” in Mark 1:41 could be translated from the same source “compassion” and “pity” is translated from. (SPLANGNISTHEIS / σπλαγχνισθεις) I did not think to consider that due to the TNIV text note, “Many manuscripts Jesus was filled with compassion”. I checked the TNIV’s website for background notes (F.A.Q.) on confusing passages and there was no information on this verse.

    11 days ago

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