Happy Birthday Tischendorf

Constantin von Tischendorf, the great textual critic and New Testament scholar turns 200 years old today. Pour a glass of wine and give him a toast (maybe not till this evening). And then maybe spend some time reading his 8th edition, rather than your Nestle/Aland. Or perhaps pick up Stanley Porter’s new volume about his... Continue Reading →

Textual History and Mark 10:36

After the lengthy discussion of the construction V+Vsubjunctive in Mark 10:36, I thought it would be worthwhile to look at some possible paths of development for the variation we find in Mark 10:36. What I want to demonstrate here is the high value that a broader knowledge of the Greek language and its history can... Continue Reading →

Cambridge’s Interesting Enterprise

Cambridge University Press has recently (in the past year or so) begun to release what appears to be either short print runs or print-on-demand titles of old long out of print works. There are a number of very nice titles that are typically difficult to find – even on Google books. Cambridge Library Collection –... Continue Reading →

Tregelles Greek New Testament Available

Dirk Jongkind was kind enough to come back and leave a comment letting me know that Tyndale House has now made available Tregelles Greek New Testament under a Creative Commons license. The website has a lot of great information about the text and the Dirk has already posted at the Evangelical Textual Criticism Blog about... Continue Reading →

WTS Gift Certificate Purchases

Here are the four books I picked up with the $70 gift certificate that you, my readers, made possible: Revelation to John: A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Apocalypse by Stephen Smalley I know what you're thinking. Why not Beale, or Osborne, or Aune? Well, that's easy. I have all three of those... Continue Reading →

Tregelles Greek New Testament

Is Tregelles' GNT available online anywhere? It seems like it should be. And I'm surprised that nobody has produced a digital edition of some kind. I read somewhere that the Munster's major critical edition was actually closer to Tregelles than any other text. So, anyone know where to find it? Hard copies are scarce and... Continue Reading →

Textual Criticism in Ephesians 5:22

I don't have much time this week for analysis, but I will post the textual evidence for this verse taken from a variety of sources: Tischendorf: τοις ιδι. ανδρασιν sine additam cum B cdd ap Hier Clem592 (citat vv. 21–25). Sic autem Hier ad h. l. “Hoc quod in Latinis exemplaribus additum est: subditae sint,... Continue Reading →

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