KJV Onlyism & the Textus Receptus

It struck me this evening as I was perusing various articles about the Greek language and editions of the New Testament & Septuagint.

Many KJV/TR only people often make the fallicious and ad hominem charge that Westcott and Hort were either closet Catholics or just pro-Catholic. What’s striking about this claim is that this is part of the argument for why the Textus Receptus should be the preferred edition of the Greek New Testament. Does it not occur to them that the Textus Receptus was first edited by a Catholic. Erasmus ever joined the Reformation. He stayed with the Catholic Church the whole way though.

If being Catholic nullifies ones scholarship, then the Textus Receptus should be rejected on the same grounds that KJV/TR people reject modern editions.

Very, very strange.