On Aner

I have to point my readers to Suzanne’s post at the Better Bibles Blog. This isn’t new information, but it should be remembered.

Simply put, Grudem is wrong.

Aner can and has been regularly translated as person, not merely man for more than a century, if not longer. And the TNIV’s translation of the word as person has nothing to do with a “feminist agenda.”

Remember that.

Aner as Person

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  1. Thanks Mike,

    I have been really smarting lately because I have been told that all my research is just feminist presupposition. Since I learned Greek long before I became a feminist that really hurt.

  2. Mike and Suzanne,
    I understand what you’re saying. And yet I’m wondering if Jesus can do such Aristotelian gymnastics?

    “Okay, before I was a full-fledged humanitarian with all that presupposes, I went to the temple at age 12 or so and was a scholar first. And before I prayed to my Father in Gethsemane sweating water and blood coming around to his presuppositions about that ‘cup,’ I was in my mother’s arms in Bethlehem. Before I had any preconceived notions about calming a storm, I was asleep on a cushion in the boat. Before my observations were ‘just feminist presupposition,’ I sat down tired and hungry at Jacob’s well alone–oh no, I was just being a ‘scholar’ when that half-breed loose woman came up talking to me alone in public!”

    And so Sappho and her translators have to get a blog post. I’m really not wanting to make any of us smart there, and yet do we have to be so “either / or” like Aristotle? So ashamed of the feminine like he was?

  3. Except, Kurk, in Suzanne’s case, there truly was a time when she wasn’t a feminist. The church in which she was raised was highly hierarchical. It was a different world.

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