My wife and I received our paper on Russian Phonology back today. We got a 94%.

We’re now putting the finishing touches on the first draft of our Russian grammar paper, which is reaching toward 50 pages or so…

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  1. It would have been so handy to go to school with my wife. In hindsight we could have made it work, but the thought never occurred to me and I’m not sure I would have been willing at the time she started. Congrats.

  2. Nathan: Its been wonderful to study with my wife. We’ve learned a lot about each other in the process and have (I think) become a better team because of it.

    Peter: Well, we’ll see how we end up doing on an undocumented langauge…thanks though!

    Jeremy: I did it all in IPA, my ability to read Cyrillic is limited extremely limited!

    George: thank, it looks like you have plenty on your learning plate as it is right now without school! Personally, I’m looking forward to studying the topic of my choice rather than having it assigned to me (as much as I’ve enjoyed this last class – not all of them were as good)!

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