Thoughts on my NIV/TNIV series

I finally put up the last of my posts examining the different between the NIV and the TNIV in the Old Testament. Its been nearly a year since I last posted on this project. The fact is that is rather time consuming to do. I do plan on completing the series, but I’m not sure how long it will take. When I first began, I was posting once a week. That was too much work and I cannot continue that pace. This series simply isn’t that high of a priority. And to a degree, doing that much in a week made it more of a chore than anything else.

From now on, I’ll shoot for once a month. But that’s a goal, not a promise. If that’s how it works out, I’ll probably be done either at the end of December or the beginning of January. Hopefully now that we’re in the section where I know the language, things will be easier too.