One thing Texas does better than BC

Mexican food. Hands down.

Specifically, torillas and avocados. The former are impossible to get unless you want “pesto garlic” tortillas or tortillas made from flax. And they’re all a foot in diameter too, so its pretty much impossible to make enchiladas with them and that my friends, is incredibly discouraging. If anyone in the Vancouver area knows where I can be real tortillas, I’d be very interested.

Avocados are available, but they’re too expensive up here for a poor student like me.

Now with that said, BC still wins (IMHO) simply because Texas is hot and brown. In the summer its hot enough that make things are brown from the sun and in the “winter” its brown becaus everything is dead and dormant. BC on the other hand is cool and green all the time.

To throw Chicago into the mix, Chicago beats Texas on both tortillas and avocados simply because of a certain store on North Avenue called Stanley’s where I regularly purchased avocados for $0.10 each at times and never more than $0.40 each. Back then, I was making guacamole sometimes twice a week!

Comparing Chicago and BC is more difficult because they both have traits that I love. There’s nothing like living downtown Chicago, while I’m presently in the suburbs of Vancouver. But BC has much more going for it in terms of the great out doors – describes BC as “The poor mans [sic] Patagonia.” I need to figure some way to get both without killing my budget, which moving to downtown Vancouver would definitely do.