Did you know?

While everyone in the US has been hearing about election politics for the past year, up here in Canada we had an entire campaign and election in a third of the time.

Talk about efficiency.

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  1. Maybe because there’s nothing historic or major about your election in Canada. I mean we are talking about the US here. The outcome of our election is a pretty big deal for us and the world. just saying.

    BTW Texas wipes the floor with BC and Chicago and should be it’s own country!!
    ; )

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan, if Texas becomes its own country can it take its own President away with it? Bush still has a couple of months to run, more than enough for him to do plenty of damage to the world if he chooses. But then I suppose the non-Texan world would get Cheney for that time, which might be even worse.

  3. Bryan,

    The Canadian election system is different. The government can be replaced at anytime if a vote passes. It did and so a couple months later there was an election.

    If the US worked like that Bush would have been gone pretty quickly after he was reelcted in 04.

    By the way, I like parts of Texas. Particularly the Rio Grande Valley.

    Jeremiah: Luckily, the Conservative Party in Canada is more liberal than the Republican party – at least on the issues that are they should be.

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