Campbell on Aspect – A Pre-Review Post

So, I began reading Campbell’s book on Aspect (Zondervan) yesterday evening and ended up scribbling notes in it until my eyes grew too heavy around 2:15 AM or so. My review will probably end up being a clear blend of both positive and negative. Here are some frustrations:

  • I continue to be frustrated by most people’s descriptions of the historical development of aspectual studies, though Campbell does much better than a number of others have.
  • I also continue to be concerned about the fact that Campbell’s view of the perfect will triumph simply because he was the first to write a book marketed to a general audience. But I remind unconvinced.
  • Finally, there are a number of terminology issues that need to be addressed within the book itself and also generally in Greek studies.

Positives include:

  • The book excels in the practical for the most part.
  • Campbell is fairer to the early 20th century scholars than Porter was (and generally provides what seems to be a more accurate interpretation of their work, if only in summary form).
  • The exercises look very good (though he makes generalizations about the field of linguistics that I’m not comfortable with).

I’ve read half the book so far and I’ve there are scribbled notes on about a third of those pages.

This isn’t a review though. I have a feeling my review is going to have multiple parts – at least one for the specialist and another for the uninitiated.

(I doubt it was this kind of post that categorized me as “very conservative” by NT Wrong)

5 thoughts on “Campbell on Aspect – A Pre-Review Post

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  1. I’m very conservative in his description is well, which is new to me, and probably great to show all those I pastor in Oklahoma, that I’m one of the “good guys”.

    I emailed Zondervan, I’m still waiting to see if they’ll send me a review copy.

    I’m looking forward to your review.

  2. Try this test to see if you are conservative or liberal, and see how your political leanings compare with Wrong’s assessment of your theological ones. The “bishop” has me as “very conservative” for my part in Better Bibles Blog (while ignoring Gentle Wisdom), but politically I come out as 90% liberal.

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