I’m going to do it

Okay, so I’ve decided that I’m going to submit a proposal for BibleTech: 2009, but for the life of my, I cannot think of a title.

Give my revised proposal a read and then if you have an idea, suggest a title in the comments.

At BibleTech: 2008, SIL’s software development team presented some of the software they are developing for linguists and translators to use on the field. The focus of their presentation was specifically on programs that related to the task of translation. Thus the Data Notebook, Graphite, Translator’s Workplace, and the Translation Editor were the focus of their presentation. Language Explorer, while mentioned in passing, is a program developed more specifically for the linguistic work that accompanies a translation and thus was not described indepth. The program is designed for language analysis of morphology, syntax, discourse analysis, and dictionary making for the many languages that have not been studied, much less received a translation of the Bible.

But exactly because of the program’s FLExibility (FLEx = Field Works Language Explorer) for the description of any language, it is perfect for the analysis of Biblical languages as well. This paper seeks to show the value of FLEx for the study of Biblical languages with an eye toward lexicography and morphology. The program provides an methodologically sound environment for both studying individual words and word formation with the potential for the development of a morphological parser for Koine Greek texts.

I’m usually very good at coming up with titles, but right now, I’m at a loss…