The Basics of Verbal Aspect

My review copy of Constantine Campbell’s Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek arrived this morning. It would have arrived sooner, but I think shipping at Zondervan was confused by the Canadian postal code, which appears to have been added to the package later with a sharpie. Zondervan was very gracious to being willing to send a copy to Canada.

I’ll see about getting out a review of the book in the next few weeks. From what I understand, if you’ve read Campbell’s larger monographs, then there isn’t too much new in this book, but I’m looking forward to reading it and writing a review. I’m curious about how he’s simplified the content.

I also wonder if the fact that he’s the first to write an introductory book on Greek aspect will historically mean that his framework for the perfect and pluperfect forms will be accepted – a framework that I am not convinced by.