Finally Snow

I knew coming into this move to BC that there would, in general, be more rain than snow. And its been true thus far. But yesterday afternoon and last night we finally got some snow – about two inches. Not much, but its nice to have anything after living in Texas for a year. The temperature without wind chill has stayed around 30 degrees or so Fahrenheit (roughly -1 Celsius).

Hopefully it will get colder and more snow will come. Then I’ll feel at home – just like in Northern Minnesota where I grew up. Ahh…those were the days – below zero for the entire month on January with at least a good week of temperatures around -20F (-29C) or so.

I loved winters growing up – though I hated getting up at 6:00AM to shovel 4-5 foot snow drifts in below zero weather. The fact that the sun rose at 8:00AM or so and disappeared by 4:30PM was always saddening, but the sledding was nice – as well as the snowboarding, which I hope to have a chance to do this winter. Hopefully, I can convince my wife to join me, but I don’t have high expectations for that.