Making Christmas Special

This is my wife and I’s very first Christmas away from our families. Other years we’ve either been close enough to them to just drive home (Chicago) or we were blessed with surprise plan tickets home (Texas). But this year we’re all by our lonesome. So we’ve been trying to come up with ideas for making this Christmas special and enjoyable away from the people we love.

I’m excited because, hopefully, this will be where our own Christmas traditions are born.

Right now we’re brainstorming about celebrating Christmas on a budget.

Ideas are definitely welcome.

2 thoughts on “Making Christmas Special

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  1. One of our best Christmases on a budget was when we limited the whole family to spending less than $5 on each person’s present, and we all either made or selected carefully from the opp shops, with just one day for shopping, we had kids running up and down the high street in the small town bragging about what a good present they had found for mum, or hiding the second-hand jigsaw FROM mum! Great fun, and we ended up with some fine recycled presents 😉

    Every year we do the lunch as a pot luck with some friends and anyone from church who wants to come, it does not save much on costs – though it does save a bit, but gets a much nicer meal from the spend 🙂

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