Brown Diver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon

My dear, sweet wife brought home to me a beautiful, burgundy 1907 printing of the classic Hebrew lexicon, BDB.

Now, I have a digital edition in Logos (I also have HALOT, Gesenius, and Holladay in Logos), so I probably won’t be using it terribly often. But I love paper books, especially old ones. So at present, it’ll go and sit on my “Old Books” Shelf along side Genesius’ grammar, Alford, and about 30 other books from the turn of the century and earlier.Besides, this copy looks like its been used quite a bit. It deserves a break and I will definitely take care of it.

2 thoughts on “Brown Diver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon

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  1. Well, I typically pull them all up since they’re all so accessible. But if I’m just looking for a quick gloss, probably Holladay.

    I wish that Cline’s Dictionary of Classical Hebrew was more accessible…(in price, that is).

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