Studying Linguistics in the UK

Apparently, the best place to study linguistics in the UK is the University of Edinburgh according to this assessment.

10 thoughts on “Studying Linguistics in the UK

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  1. Is Edinburgh in the UK? I thought it was in the frozen north, same latitude as Alaska or Dawson Creek in northern BC. Yes, it has a certain cold and stern beauty, but give me Cambridge (where I studied) any day.

  2. Well, I grew up in the “frozen North” you could say. Minnesota may not be as far north as Scotland or Alaska, but its location causes -20 winters (you can pick either Celsius or fahrenheit for that, we got both).

    I’d be happy with either Cambridge or Edinburgh, personally.

  3. Have you began at Stellenbosch yet? Or are you preparing to? I’m really curious about their program. I’ve talked with Steve Runge about it a bit and have seriously considered it – especially since I would be able to do much of it at a distance – which would be highly beneficial as a missionary.

  4. Well, there is linguistics and there’s linguistics. Stellenbosch would be cushy. And cheaper. But I’ve never heard of their linguistics being anything to cheer about. Why not just get your butt on the field and start doing some work for a change?

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