I’m a blank slate for blog post ideas right now. This whole computer dying thing has really got me down and stolen my inspiration.

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  1. Mike,

    We’d be interested in a fuller description of your thoughts on why Chomsky is no longer a generativist. You briefly commented on something to that effect at our blog some time ago. We’d like more. How’s that for an idea?

    I’ve just started the linguistics portion of the curriculum at Stellenbosch, so I’m reading lots of Chomsky (rather, what lots of folks think about him. Might as well read you too!)


  2. Buy an external hard drive, back it all up. Then buy a computer game like Microsoft Freelancer and go out, explore strange new worlds, shoot aliens, and feel good.

    It worked for me!

    Alternatively write about the credit crunch. All together now, “We’re doooomed! Dooooomed!” 🙂

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