Does υποτασσομαι mean “submit”?

No, I don’t think it does.


What does “submit” mean?

Outside conservative Christian discussions about Biblical passages the only contexts that I can think of where we use the word “submit” are the following:

sending articles to journals for publication (or any kind of paper to someone else for publication, review, critique, etc.)

medical treatment.

Looking at the OED2, the latest reference to “submit” meaning, “To place oneself under the control of a person in authority or power; to become subject, surrender oneself, or yield to a person or his rule, etc.” is marked as Obsolete.

And Google makes it rather clear. Do a search for submit (or the phrase “submit to”) and count how many pages you go through before you find a hit that refers to submission to authority that isn’t a discussion of a Bible verse or Christian marriage or theology.

What other ways do we use “submit” in normal non-Biblish English?