Distressing Parsing

So I’m still working on this parsing problem. I redid a good amount of work and went back to try it again and it still would not work. I parsed my text of noun paradigms and this was the result:


If that’s too small the original is available by clicking on it – and yes, I know that the gloss “apostle” is really just a trasliteration. But you can still see without clicking on it that two words are not parsing:

ἀπόστολον and ἄγγελον

They’re both masculine accusative singular nouns.

So then, to try and determine what the problem was, I switched to parse a single word and I even helped it along by breaking the morphemes and selecting lexical entries:


But when I clicked “Try it,” I was given this delightful green screen of death:


So what’s encouraging is that the error is not with with my analysis – at least not completely – there’s something else going on in my database that’s causing problems. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to figured out what that is by the end of the week with my presentation…

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