Finished Reading

I’ve been reading it off and on for more than a year – mostly in the evenings in bed just before I go to sleep, but I’ve finally finished R. T. France’s

The Gospel of Matthew (NICNT)

I know many of you think its odd that I read commentaries, but I love it, Its great to get the perspective of someone whose devoted an incredibly large portion of their lives to understanding a given book of the Bible.

Highlight’s of the commentary include France’s emphasis on placing each paragraph and pericope within the large narrative and his excellent translation with copious notes. This is quality stuff.

There won’t be a review though. This one was for me. Call it my devotions, if you will.

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  1. On my desk right now I have the following commentaries open and being put to use: France, Luz, Davies and Alison and Hagner. France’s is the best! The others are all brilliant however, France’s ties them all together and, like you said, provides a much wider view of the pericope within the entire context of the gospel.

  2. 1200 is nothing: Luz’s is three massive volumes and Betz has 700 on Matthew 5-7! My only criticism of France is that he makes you go out and buy his introduction to matthew to get all of his background material.

  3. This isn’t weird at all…my devotional time each morning right now comes through reading Luke’s gospel alongside Bock’s commentaries (BECNT).

  4. So far, I’ve read only two chapters of France’s work and stopped at the moment. I hope to pick it up sometime in the future. I’m very satisfied from what I’ve read thus far. As you may already know, France published a commentary of the Gospel of Mark (New International Greek Testament Commentary), which I’ve also had the pleasure of reading in entirety. It is very good.

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