Education Decisions: to PhD or not?

For the past two months I’ve been thinking and praying about what school would be looking like for me in the relatively near future. In talking with some close friends and also family, I’m rather seriously considering the possibility of doing a research masters degree in the UK and moving directly from there in to MPhil & PhD studies. Canadians have a couple funding options that US students don’t have and I’m hoping to be able to take advantage of them.

At this point, its still a potential possibility, but slow things are beginning to take shape. I have at least two different ideas for research topics that would definitely work. And I’ve contacted professors at schools where I’d enjoy studying. Right now, I’ll just give you the hint that I’m interested in studying Greek & linguistics.

At this point where things are so tentative, I don’t want to say who I’ve contacted or what schools I’m looking at, but in the coming months/year if things solidify, I’ll definitely share more information – just don’t tell my missions recruiters, they’re trying to get my wife and I to the field as quickly as they can.

Where will this go? I’m not sure at this point. But the possibility and the idea are exciting and if the doors open to make it happen. I’ll definitely be walking through.

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  1. Where in the UK are you wanting to study for help Nijay Gupta and Ben Blackwell have good information on both their respective blogs. I am doing an MA at York St John University any advice I can give please ask. I am considering coming to Canada to do PhD any advice you can give me its just tentative at the moment but I am attracted to live in Canada

    1. I’m looking at a few different schools, but I don’t want to say until I have more definite information. My main priority is a quality linguistics program.

      As for schools in Canada, I’m not sure what to tell you. It would depend on what you’re wanting to study.

  2. I agree with others that you should take advantage and get that PhD if you can – if the Lord is opening that door them walk through it. I have interests in PhD work too but right now the Lord has me doing (and learning) other things. So, if you can, pursue it.

  3. Mike,
    As someone else whom God has called to the mission field, let me encourage you to get the Ph.D. God’s not going to revoke his calling of your family to the field. The extra study will help you immensely.

    I also think that if you focus learning not just for yourself, but with the goal of using your knowledge to train others, then it will be immensely applicable on the field. It will also inspire you to study harder.

    God bless.

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