Making Important Greek Monographs Accessible

Email Oxford University Press HERE.

And request them to make Buist Fanning’s Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek (Oxford Theological Monographs) available in an accessibly priced paperback.

Here you can even use this template if you’d like:

Dear Oxford University Press,

I, with many other students and scholars of the Greek language, have been discouraged for sometime now regarding the restricting pricing of Buist Fanning’s extremely important monograph, Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek (Oxford Theological Monographs), with its retail price of $240. Such an excellent and important work deserves be available in a reasonably priced paperback. Dr. Fanning’s work ought to receive a greater audience than has been possible thus far due to its high cost.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.

At least, that’s what I wrote. Feel free to improve on it in any way you see fit. But please, tell Oxford we’d like to see this book more easily available.