Some comments on translation

In preparing for my post on five Biblical studies books that have made me stupider, I ended up leaving a lengthy comment on a very positive review of Leland Ryken’s The Word of God in English.

You can read the review and my comments on the review (and Ryken’s book): HERE.

…and you can probably now guess at least one of the books that’s on my list.

Incidentally, when it comes to reading on translation theory…

The Challenge of Bible Translation is my appetizer

Authors like Gutt, Larson and Nida are the main course.

And Ryken is definitely desert. I just cannot take that book seriously (though on a serious level, I greatly enjoy other books he’s written, e.g. this one).

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  1. I have to wonder about someone who coins a word “parphasistic” to talk about paraphrases. I’m reminded of Churchill’s comment on requiring schoolchildren to learn Latin and Greek: “I would require them to learn English well, and if they succeed, I would reward them with the opportunity to study Latin and Greek.”

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