Muraoka’s LXX Lexicon Available

Eisenbrauns has Muraoka’s A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint in stock now!

Currently, it says that there are 4 in stock – though I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is 3 in stock. There should be at least one less than that as of about five minutes ago. So you might want to hurry.

This complete lexicon supercedes its two earlier editions (1993; 2002).

Peeters Publishers, 2009

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– The entire Septuagint, including the apocrypha, is covered. – For the books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and Judges the so-called Antiochene edition is fully covered in addition to the data as found in the standard edition by Rahlfs. – Also fully covered are the two versions of Tobit, Esther, and Daniel. – Based on the critically established Göttingen edition where it is available. If not, Rahlfs’s edition is used. – For close to 60% of a total of 9,550 headwords all the passages occurring in the LXX are either quoted or mentioned. – A fully fledged lexicon, not a glossary merely listing translation equivalents in English. – Senses defined. – Important lexicographical data such as synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, distinction between literal and figurative, combinations with prepositions, noun cases, syntagmatic information such as what kind of direct or indirect objects a given verb takes, what kind of nouns a given adjective is used with, and much more information abundantly presented and illustrated with quotes, mostly translated. – High-frequency lexemes such as prepositions and conjunctions fully analysed. – Data on contemporary Koine and Jewish Greek including the New Testament taken into account. – Morphological information provided: various tenses of verbs, genitive forms of nouns etc. – Substantive references to the current scientific literature.

Product Details

Publisher: Peeters Publishers
Publication date: 2009
Bibliographic info: xl + 757 pages
Language(s): English and Greek
Cover: Cloth
ISBN: 90-429-2248-6
ISBN13: 978-90-429-2248-8