Of all the Recent NIV Posts…

This one is my favorite: (T)NIV[i] 2011

5 thoughts on “Of all the Recent NIV Posts…

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  1. It sure is a good thing God made the Bible an open source document. We’ll get one we all like eventually.

    I’m being sarcastic.

    But seriously, does this make the TNIV the Windows Vista of Bible translations

    1. No…Vista was terrible in the beginning and drastically improved with SP1. The TNIV has always been awesome, but was ripped apart by disinformation campaign filled with nonsense.

  2. Speaking of translations, I was wondering how/if you rank translations and if you use different translations for your own study or teaching.

    Also, one of the classes I’m in right now requires you to read through the Old Testament twice, but you can only use the NASB, ESV, or NKJV. I tried arguing for other translations but got shot down. I don’t know how these translations (especially the NASB) have gotten to be so superior in some circles that all other translations aren’t even considered. Kind of sad.

    1. Ugh…I’m sorry.

      But it’s the idea that “literal” translation somehow brings you closer to the Greek or Hebrew text than a Functional one; that they involve less subjectivity. Neither is true though…

      for just plain reading, I use the TNIV. For study, I use roughly 15-20 different translations, comparing how they represent the text, though the core translations are the NIV, TNIV, RSV, KJV, CEV, NLT, NRSV, ESV, GNB, & NASB95.

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