TNIV Discussion

I’ve been having a thoughtful conversation with Denny Burk at his post TNIV Is Dead . . . Sort of. I’ve had many polemic conversations with very grumpy & angry people about the TNIV and its supposedly dangerous feminist leanings. So its been quite a blessing to discuss the translation with someone so very much more reasonable.

For those of you who don’t know. I do not consider the supposedly controversial issues surrounding the TNIV to be theological or feminist or whatever. I view the matter as purely linguistic/sociolinguistic. It is a question of how we deal with accuracy and language change for me. Not about any sort of agenda. I also view the issue as an opportunity to teach the layman (and Burk is not, he knows these issues) about how grammatical agreement in language relates to the external world that language refers to and the difference between perscriptive and descriptive grammar. It’s not as simple as many would like.

Feel free to follow along.