In the Mail — the “Oops” Edition

So a couple weeks ago I requested a review copy from Crossway of this book:

I’ve been pretty curious about this new book. I like Poythress quite a bit. Granted, I also disagree rather often, but I have a very high level of respect for him. Besides the translation & gender stuff that I’ve disagreed with, I’ve read a few of his linguistic articles and they’re been rather good.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive this book in the mail.

“But wait,” you say, “you just need to be patient. I’ll come.”

Yeah that’s the thing. I did receive a book in the mail from cross way. Just not this one. The package arrived. The invoice listed In the Beginning was the Word on the first line, but the book was not there. No. And instead, I received this book:

Jesus Driven Ministry by Ajith Fernando

The book does look interesting. Just not for me. I’ve e-mailed Crossway and am currently waiting to hear back from them.