Greek Phonology

I had a crash course in Mycenaean Greek phonology last night reading this:

Smith, Rondal Bruce. “Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Interpretations of Greek Phonology: Prolegomena to a Theory of Sound Patterns in the Hellenistic Greek ‘Koine’.” Ph.D. dissertation, Indiana University, 1972.

81 pages covering PIE, Proto-Greek, & Mycenaean phonology, thus far with another 500 to go for Classical, Koine, & Modern Greek.


Talk about comprehensive. This is an incredible dissertation — even if it is 38 years old now.

PS – I’ve found the Hellenistic Greek books & articles I need to read on clitics (thank you Micheal Palmer):

Taylor, Ann. “A prosodic account of clitic position in ancient Greek.” In Halpern, Aaron and Arnold Zwicky, eds., Approaching Second: Second Position Clitics and Related Phenomena. Stanford: Center for Study of Language and Information, 1996, pp. 477-503.

Taylor, Ann. “Clitics and Configurationality in Ancient Greek.” U of Pennsylvania dissertation (University Microfilms order no. AAC 9112632), 1991.

Taylor, Ann. “The distribution of object clitics in koine Greek.” Paper presented at the East Coast Indo-European Conference, Austin, Texas, June 1994, now published in Indo-European Perspectives. Ed. by Mark R.V. Southern. Washington, DC: Institute for the Study of Man, 2002, pages 285-315.