Presenting at SBL 2010

In an unexpected turn of events, it seems that I will not only be attending SBL this month, but also presenting paper.

Not my own, mind you, no.

I’ll be helping a friend who, at the last minute, cannot coming to the meeting. All of this worked out rather well…all considering the circumstances. I’ve heard the presentation before and I’ve read a nice chunk of the relevant material he was to be presenting from his dissertation, as well as some of the linguistic literature on the subject. Here’s “my” session:


Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: International 4 – Marriott MarquisCynthia Westfall, McMaster Divinity College, Presiding
Paul Danove, Villanova University
A Comparison of the Usages of di/dwmi and di/dwmi Compounds in the Septuagint and New Testament (30 min)
Jonathan M. Watt, Geneva College
A Short Study of Greek Diminutives (30 min)
Francis G. H. Pang, McMaster Divinity College
Positioning the Future on the Tense-Modality Spectrum (30 min)
Nicholas Bailey, SIL International
A Construction Grammar Analysis of IDOU and IDE ‘Behold’ (30 min)
Byung Pill Choi, McMaster Divinity College
The Linguistic Dimensions of Speech for Analyzing Q (30 min)

It’s a very good paper and he does a good job with his subject. If any of you remember, I pointed out Nick Bailey’s dissertation online last winter, which is also extremely good. I met Nick this summer and enjoyed many excellent conversations about Greek grammar through July and the beginning of August.