New Volume on Grammatical Analysis

There’s a recently released book approaching grammatical analysis from the perspective of Role and Reference Grammar available from Cambridge:

The Structure of Language: An Introduction to Grammatical Analysisalt by Emma Pavey


The paperback version is just under $40 on Amazon and there’s already a Kindle edition for $18.70, though I’d expect that won’t last forever.

In the tradition of books connected with SIL, it covers the analysis of both  morphology and syntax, which quite helpful. In general, its hard to separate syntax from morphology completely. Role and Reference Grammar, the framework used in the book has a rich semantic component. It’s probably the most formalized “functional” frameworks there is, with a serious emphasis on both structure and communicative function.

The book is also written by a professor at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CANIL) associated with Trinity Western University. I’ve read a pre-release version of the book and it is very well done—a good introduction both to grammatical analysis and language description as well as the framework of RRG.